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Welcome to the Open Access Labs!

What are the Open Access Labs?

The Texas A&M University Open-Access Computer Labs (OALs) are available for faculty and students of the University. Five Open-Access Labs, six supported locations, and one dedicated Printing Center provide access to email accounts as well as Web navigation, image-manipulation, DeskTop Publishing, spreadsheet applications, computer - to - computer communications software, programming languages, and a number of course-specific programs. Lab access is twenty-four hours per day when classes are in session in the Student Computing Center (SCC) in order to better serve the needs of the students and faculty.

An Important Announcement from the Student Computing Issues Page:

If you are considering using file sharing (especially peer-to-peer) read this: http://itim.tamu.edu/filesharing.html. It contains important information about using A&M resources for file sharing. Otherwise, you could be in violation of copyright laws and University Rules.

As a student, what do I need to know?

To use the computers in the OALs, login with your NETID once you have activated your labs account via this webpage.

Students are allocated a print allowance of $30.00 each regular semester and $15.00 for the summer session to cover some of their black and white printing. For more information on printing: Go Here.

As faculty/staff, what do I need to know?

Need a computer classroom and only hear rumors of OAL computer classrooms? Go here for more information about the seven OAL computer classrooms.

Ready make a reservation? Be sure to fill out the Classroom Request Form.

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